Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Plastic Nozzle Doll

Recently, I found this plastic nozzle at a recycle center and brought it home. The thing sat around on my workspace for about a month and then it hit me... this would make a great doll body. I also had a liquid polymer clay image transfer of a beautiful Japanese woman sitting on my workspace for awhile before I thought to put the two items together.

Here is what I did; I rolled the transfer up evenly from both sides so the face would be in the middle. I then glued it into the top of the nozzle using hot glue. I had some organza fabric with embroidered dragonflies on it, so I cut an 8 inch strip of the fabric without any of the dragonflies and wrapped it around the middle of the nozzle several times to build up layers. I kept them loose and glued here and there as I went along. I glued brass leaves into the fabric folds where arms and legs would naturally be; I glued a wooden stick into the middle to use as part of the base so the doll would stand up, and the other end of the stick was glued into the hole of a large piece of aquarium hose (the type that you would use to bring air through your pump). Finally, I attached one of the dragonflies to the front of the doll to hide the glue from the arms being put into the fabric folds.

To help the doll from moving too much, I wrapped wire around the stick and secured it with glue as well. The base is a metal plate with a piece of chipboard wrapped in a page from a book glued behind the doll. An elephant was glued in front of the hose with the stick in it. A print out of older ancestors was glued to the front of the plate just below a feather. I added some ribbons to the back of the doll and let them hang down wherever they fell. Lastly, I added a stamped crown to the head of the image.

So you see, there really is no trash, just creative art materials waiting to be put together by your imagination!