Saturday, October 25, 2008

How I Created A Really Special Memory Book with a Twist!

The base structure of this book was a large piece of wood (covered with handmade paper) that had small wooden feet screwed into the bottom of it. A leather book (whose pages were all taken out) was screwed into the wood from the top. This gave the book a solid base. I placed eyelets into the book's spine. I created a spine for each page by sewing fabric paper strips to each side and folding them in half; I attached the eyelets at the fold of the fabric paper, aligning everything up nicely with the book's spine.

The middle eyelets were sewn through the spine with wire but the top and bottom of the pages were kept in place with jump rings. That was something I came up with as I realized I had made a blunder... still it looked really good in the end.

The top of the book has this little photo book attached to it. I just covered over the original design with thick modeling paste so you couldn't see the embossing. Then I painted and embellished it after drying overnight. This was attached so that Karen, who I made this book for, would be able to add some of her own photos giving her the opportunity to add a personal touch. The tins were filled with mementos of the event that was the culmination of a year's worth of top notch organizational skills that would put the White House staff to shame. Karen Gordon did such a great job on this event that I was commissioned to make this book for her!

These are the seven pages inside the book, the last page with the medal on it is the back cover of the leather book.