Monday, January 28, 2008

Welcome to my little corner!

So, you want to know a little something about me eh... I like long walks on the beach ... oh that's not what you meant? OK, then let's try this again. I like art, all kinds of art, mixed up art, multi-media art, and of course Altered Art. I live in Michigan and work a full time day job. I spend a lot of time in my home studio each evening after work, and I am a night owl, I just love the night!

I don't have a specific way to work but I do visualize what I want to create and work forward from there. When I get inspired I clearly see what I am going to make and things just seem to fall into place for me. Usually I don't veer too far away from that first mental image unless I have to work through some kind of materials glitch. I did take art lessons as a youth in Pittsburgh, PA through a school program and it taught me how to see (in order to draw) but other than that I'm pretty much self taught. I experiment all the time and I own so many books and subscribe to at least 8 magazines all dealing with some form of art. I've made some incredible art just because I wasn't afraid to try something in a magazine, and I believe everyone is artistic! You just have to start something and see where it takes you.

Not all forms of art will float your boat, I couldn't bear to "Warp a Loom," although I did like the actual weaving part, I even bought a loom thinking I would master this... in the end I made a few Tallitot - (Jewish Prayer Shawls) then sold my loom. It just wasn't for me. I love to bead, paint, sew, do Silver work using traditional methods and I am also a certified artisan in PMC. That's Precious Metal Clay for those of you who don't know the initials thing... I learned what an altered book was by accident just doing a Google search one day and then I was hooked into altered arts of all kinds. So my best advice is to not let self-doubt get in the way of you picking up some good art supplies and a good magazine (Altered Arts is a good one), and starting a project today! Look at what it is that you like and recreate it in your own way, with your own colors, textures, and style. Then step back and enjoy that great feeling ... knowing "I made this!"