Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Art Club

One of the things I've recently organized is an Art Club. We do different projects each month and usually one of the group's member volunteers to teach all of us something that they know how to do. The group is very relaxed and we really don't have many rules. So far we have had 4 months worth of meetings and we have worked on a Coin Wrappers Tag Book, ATCs, and PMC demo with a make and take. This picture was taken when Terri Rossman taught the group how to make a beaded bracelet.

The room we use is one that I get to use for free from where I work (very nice perk)! It is located in Oak Park, Michigan.

I am hoping to gain more members as time goes on, but so far it's just a few of us that come on a regular basis. Maybe it's because the one rule that we have is: You have to teach something to all of us when it's your turn. So if anyone out there lives in the Detroit, Michigan area and is looking to join a great group of creative gals, contact me through this blog. It is a FUN evening of eating and sharing talents!

We meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6:00 - 10:00 p.m. February 13 is just around the corner! While so many of my design team members are at CHA, I will console myself with the next project we are doing this time: Booklaces (a small book that doubles as a necklace). I'll take some pictures for next post.

This is what the beaded bracelet looked like.

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TheresainMS said...

Not sure if you're still keeping up with this blog or not but if so, can you please post the instructions on the Coin Wrapper Tag Book? Or let me know where I might find them? I'm a new 'Altered Arts' member and am just cruising around. I'd appreciate any info on the CWTB; thanks!